Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Return and exchange policies

Al-Jazeera Store guarantees that all products are new, unused, and undamaged. However, if there is any damage to the product, Al-Jazeera team is ready to replace the product and we kindly ask you to inform us within three days of receiving the product without charge

Return and exchange policy

 The customer can return or exchange the purchased goods within three days of receiving

the goods, provided that the returned or exchanged goods are complete and in the original cartons and must be accompanied by all the attached accessories. All documents

that were delivered in or with the original shipment such as brochures, instructions for

use, and others must be attached If the same returned item is not available in stock, the customer is given the option to either receive similar or better merchandise as an

alternative, wait for the product to be available again, or return the amount of the product to the card from which the payment

was made.

The company will bear the shipping expenses in the event of a manufacturing defect estimated by the company or if the goods are damaged or wrong, provided that the period does not exceed three days after receiving the product. If the customer wishes to change the color or if the customer's desire changes in general, the customer will bear the full shipping costs and you can inform us via the following email Aljazeera.trading@hotmail.com

Refunds or refunds will be made to the card from which the payment was made, and

shipping costs will be calculated If the customer does not want the product in general, he bears the shipping costs

Return and exchange method The invoice is sent to the client's email.

Therefore, the email must be correct upon request. In the event of any errors in the email details, please contact customer service to

inform them of this at 77111600

Delivery Policy

Al-Jazeera delivers your orders through the company's fleet of vehicles, and other delivery companies or individuals may be used at peak times to ensure your service and delivery of your orders on time for you The delivery method at Al-Jazeera is to deliver on the same day or another day according to your geographical area, with the possibility of choosing the appropriate time for you to deliver at any time during the day The item must be requested at least three hours before the time to be obtained so that the delivery team can provide the item, taking into account the time of the request (not to be late) and during Al-Jazeera work hours In the case of urgent orders, please contact our customer service and we will do our best to assist you Your signature on the invoice copy will be required to confirm that you have received the Products as shown on the invoice. The order will also be delivered to the address registered in the order, and the signature of any person present at this address is considered your receipt of the order.

Al-Jazeera guarantees the safety of the order from theft and damage from the moment it leaves the store until the moment of delivery. Al-Jazeera company is not responsible for the

product after signing the receipt document If we reach the registered address and there is

no one at this address, please contact the customer service to determine another time

for delivery, and the company will not be responsible for any request that exceeds 24

hours from the first date of delivery of the order. Note that if you are not present at the agreed time for delivery twice, an additional

a delivery fee will be charged after that.